Family Resources


  1. imageDeeming Waiver (Formerly known as the Katie Beckett Waiver). This program is for children who have a marked or severe disability where it has been established that it is less expensive for a child to receive treatment at home than in an institution. Call Georgia Medical Care Foundation (GMCF) at 1-800-982-0411.
  2. SSI (Supplemental Security Income). A federal program that provides monthly payments and Medicaid coverage to individuals eighteen years of age and under, who meet eligibility criteria. Babies who are blind or born weighing under 1200 grams are eligible. Call SSI at 1-800-772-1213.
  3. imageGeorgia PINES (Georgia Parent Infant Network for Educational Services). This program provides information and assistance to families of vision impaired, hearing impaired and multi-handicapped sensory impaired children. Call Georgia PINES at 404-296-7101.
  4. Georgia Advocacy Office. This is a protection and advocacy system for people with developmental disabilities. Call the Georgia Advocacy Office at 404-885-1234.
  5. Children’s Medical Services (CMS) directly provides or coordinates specialty medical evaluations and treatment for eligible children (birth to age 21) with chronic medical conditions. CMS provides or pays for comprehensive physical evaluations, tests, inpatient/outpatient hospitalization, medications and other medical treatments, therapy, durable medical equipment, hearing aids, and dental care related to the child’s CMS-eligible condition. Call the Children’s Medical Services at 404-657-4855.
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