Referral and Discharge Planning

The team members at Premier Staffing Solutions LLC work very closely with the nurses, discharge planners, case managers and physicians to ensure a seamless transition from hospital to home.

The referral process includes:

  • Contact us to begin the referral process. A member of the Premier Staffing Solutions team is waiting to assist you. Our team of medical professionals will make contact with a potential client within 24 hours of receiving the referral.
  • Evaluation and Assessment of the new patient will be done. A Premier Staffing Solutions medical professional will meet with the family and assess the patient, carefully review medical histories, progress notes and orders written by physicians to ensure that the best course of treatment is provided. Parents and caregivers will review and compete all required documents while having all questions and concerns addressed.
  • Coordination of Care with durable medical equipment and infusion equipment companies will be done to ensure that all parents /caregivers have been trained on required equipment. Continual follow up will be made with hospital staff to ensure that all team members are on the same page.
  • Medical Staffing schedules will be created cohesively by team members with the input of family preference to achieve the best balance of care for the patient in accordance with the payor source approval of hours to be staffed and physician orders.
  • Home Assessments will be done to ensure that the families have all items needed to provide care for their child.
  • A Discharge Planning meeting will be held at the hospital and attended by family members/ caregivers and all entities providing care for the patient. In this meeting a plan of care will be reviewed with parents and all unanswered questions and concerns addressed.
  • Discharge home from the hospital will occur under a physicians order. All appropriate Premier Staffing Solutions staff members will meet at the patients home to ensure that the arrival of the patient is done safely and efficiently.
  • Education and Support will be provided to family members/ caregivers to ensure that compassion and care is provided to the child.
  • Post-discharge follow-up will be done by the Premier Staffing Solutions team members once a child is released from the hospital. We will follow up with the patient, their family, and the referring physician, getting updates on the child’s recovery and providing additional information as needed for post-discharge care.

Premier Staffing Solutions LLC’s core values revolve around the provision of personalized care with integrity and excellence.

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